La Crosse Small Business Toolkit for Sustainability


The toolkit has information, tools, and resources that help small organizations create sustainability plans and become more successful. Click the Toolkit button to open the toolkit in a new tab; you can optionally save the file from the new tab.


Click the following to download supplemental tools, which provide more information about topics in the toolkit:


The next on the Small Business Toolkit for Sustainability workshop is now scheduled for May 9, 10 AM-Noon, at Western Technical College, La Crosse. Stay tuned for registration information. You can also contact us for more information.

January 2024 workshop materials:

Consider Donating

For businesses and organizations outside the county, please consider donating to the Climate Alliance for the Common Good, a La Crosse nonprofit. Our volunteer-based group works with our community to support environmentally friendly actions. Contact us if you would like a version customized for a location outside of La Crosse; this may be available for a fee [contact at].


Update Notifications 

To be updated when new information is added to the toolkit or the sustainability tools, you can enter your contact information below and click Send. (We PROMISE that your email address will not be shared.) Tip: When answering the confirmation math problem, enter a number (for example, type 6 rather than six).