Volunteer Information


We need volunteers to help us advance our goal of climate neutrality in our region. A few positions we need are listed below. If you would like to volunteer, but none of these positions are a fit, please get in touch!  


We need a lead fundraiser to help us grow as an organization.  This person would develop a fundraising strategy.  

Local photographer:

We need local pictures of the La Crosse area that we can use in our materials. This volunteer position is flexible--mostly on your own time--a few hours a month. We will also request your help with taking photographs of the occasional community talk given by the Climate Alliance. We plan to use the pictures in multiple ways, including posting on Instagram. 

Local Videographer:

We need to create short videos about climate change; we can write a script for a short video, but we don't have the technical chops to make the videos look as professional as we would like.  This person could also provide insight into how to make the video/script more effective.

Event tracker:

We need someone who can spend about an hour a week finding local climate-related events and post information about them to our website and calendar. We may be able to supply you with some information we get about local events, but we need someone who is willing to make sure the information is gathered and presented in a timely way.


We need someone who can spend a few hours a month as an on-call proofreader. We generate a lot of copy but don't yet have a good method of reviewing the copy for final production or posting to the website. This would be a reactive position--we would send you written material (typically 500-1000 words), and we would need you to review it within a day or two. You would have more time to review copy that runs beyond that length, such as climate toolkits.

Designer with InDesign experience:

We have an ongoing need for someone to help us lay out material that we will be disseminating, and other ad hoc assignments.  The written material ranges from short handouts to longer documents, such as 20-page reports. We also need occasionally need graphics for the website and on printed materials. This will require short bursts of attention when we have brief materials that we need to turn around quickly. The longer documents will have a more reasonable timeline. 

Social Media:

Looking for someone to create and manage social media sites that will funnel viewers to the website.  This person is responsible for researching and updating social media with interesting, timely topics.  Some material will be provided by other members of the team.