Climate Change Technology

Climate Technology

Learn: The Technology that Defends the Planet

We have the tools to fight climate change, which is caused by fossil fuels. Fundamentally, the tools to reduce climate change lead to a reduction in fossil fuel use. 

The leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions are food waste; energy use of buildings and transportation; waste and its management. We also can list technology and methods that address these causes, Some tools may be more familiar: renewable energy, such as solar panels; the willingness to use what we already have, including composting; and smart buildings that are controlled through artificial intelligence/automation and are designed or retrofitted to harness electric energy power, away from fossil fuels.  There are a wide range of tools already available that can help combat climate change.

Larger Efforts

To support larger efforts, such as infrastructure projects, it helps to know the tools. High Value Energy Conservation combined with Energy districts, which make use of otherwise wasted energy, are used in cities and small campuses across the country. Microgrids are another example of a larger infrastructure that can accommodate smaller areas and make use of local renewable energy. For example, utilities are adding solar panels and renewable energy to replace sole reliance on fossil fuels.  

Emerging Technologies

A surprising array of technology has emerged to address issues of climate and pollution.

  • New, clean battery technology, such as sand and iron-oxide batteries, is under development. 
  • An entire industry is emerging to recycle lithium batteries, including partnering with Ford.
  • To clean up contaminated water we can plant trees to absorb contaminants–this is called phytoremediation
  • Renewable energy from the tides and from waves

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