A Hopeful, Science-based Plan to Address Climate Change: John Foley Talk

In spite of the climate doom projected by 99% of everything you might read or hear, the science and technology we can use to mitigate climate change are already here. According to John Foley, executive director of Project Drawdown, we need to implement that science. With that science, just add hope and hard work to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring the planet back into balance. His lecture outlines some actions we need to take to face down this global threat. Foley’s message is that, ultimately, we can do it. We just need to get to work.

Foley recently gave a talk in La Crosse as part of the UWL Prairie Springs Lecture Series. The Sustainability Manager at UWL, Andrew Ericson, refers to Foley as a “Sustainability Superstar!” The title of Foley’s lecture sums up his talk:  “Achieving Drawdown — A Hopeful, Science-based Plan to Address Climate Change.” Click here to catch Foley’s talk, which starts at about the 12:45 mark.


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