A Sustainability Toolkit that Helps Small Businesses Cut Through the Jargon

A Sustainability Toolkit that Helps Small Businesses Cut Through the Jargon

The La Crosse Small Business Toolkit on Sustainability helps small businesses increase profits with simple steps to achieve sustainability.

LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN, November 27, 2023

Business buzzwords and trends can overwhelm any business owner: ESG, Upcycling, Resilience, PHEV, Continuity—and so many more. That’s why a local nonprofit created the La Crosse Small Business Toolkit on Sustainability. It’s an easy-to-use guide that helps small businesses pursue profitable sustainability—the new economic model based on business planning that incorporates the community, society, and the environment. A no-cost workshop is also scheduled in coordination with the City of La Crosse.

The toolkit is free to download courtesy of the local nonprofit Climate Alliance for the Common Good, funded in part by grants from the Trane Corporation, La Crosse Community Foundation, and Gundersen Health Systems. By downloading the no-cost guide and tools from the nonprofit’s website, small- to medium-sized businesses can get the information they need to readily implement a custom sustainability plan. Organizations of any size can now follow the steps to create a strategy that increases profit while also protecting people and the planet. This can be as simple as replacing lights with LEDs or providing a composting option for staff.

“We realized that sustainability was being implemented by large corporations, but that smaller organizations had no easy way of finding information to guide sustainability efforts,” said Tom Schlesinger, Executive Director of the Climate Alliance for the Common Good. “Because sustainable practices increase profitability and help the planet, we created the guide, tools, and optional no-cost workshops.”

The guide has been favorably reviewed by local small businesses and sustainability experts. Mark Schneider, owner of Schneider Heating and Air Conditioning, said, “I think the plan helps owners realize that this shouldn’t be overwhelming; […] you don’t have to do it all immediately but it’s important to get moving.” Another reviewer said, “…this looks absolutely EXCELLENT and I am so excited to for this to be […] sent out.” All reviewers had positive feedback: “All felt this was something that would help the business community to make a real difference.”

The La Crosse Climate Alliance for the Common Good is focused on education about sustainability and protecting our planet. Click to download the free guide and tools.

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