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Wisconsin Public Radio: Newsmakers - August 19, 2022

Wisconsin Public Radio: Newsmakers - August 19, 2022

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Last month was the sixth-warmest July on record, globally. That’s according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Newsmakers talks about the climate - and ways individuals can get involved on a local level. Guests are Tom Schlesinger, Board President of the Climate Alliance for the Common Good, and Nick Nichols, also a Board member and the former Sustainability Coordinator for La Crosse County.

Drought. Heat. Fires. Floods. The topic of climate change is always in the news. But people helping turn the tide of climate change are also in the news. In mid-August, 2022, Ezra Wall of Newsmakers, a local NPR radio show, featured board members of the Climate Alliance for the Common Good, a La Crosse group that is helping inform area citizens about climate change and actions we can all take to mitigate it. Tom Schlesinger, board chairman, and board member Nick Nichols discussed tactics Wisconsinites can pursue to address climate change locally, which in turn helps globally.

Nick Nichols the former Sustainability Coordinator for La Crosse County, understands the intersection between climate change and local action. He referred to the a study that shows enormous potential savings through Wisconsin investment in renewable energy. Wisconsin imports its energy, including oil, natural gas, and coal, costing the state $14 billion annually. The potential savings from moving to renewable power is significant, "creating 160,000 jobs" as well as saving billions. Clear economic benefits accompany the move to green power, so the state will gain financially while fighting climate change.

On the individual level, Schlesinger pointed out three approaches that have a positive net effect on global warming: "Substituting plant-based meals a few times a week, reducing air travel, and limiting consumption of power and material goods."

Tom and Nick agree that public support for the move to green power is critical. "Voting and citizen input help formulate strategies our community can implement and have a positive effect locally—and therefore, globally." The lively discussion between Ezra, Tom, Nick and is available online, and worth listening to.

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