Learn more about energy provided by local rural electric Cooperatives and Xcel Energy.

5/25/23 to 5/26/23 | 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

You are invited to Know Your Utility, a talk about where your electricity comes from. This talk is sponsored by the Coulee Region Group of the Sierra Club, serving Southwestern Wisconsin and the La Crosse area. We'll talk through where these utilities are getting their power and what we can do to transition them to clean energy.

Dairyland Power Cooperative is a generation and transmission cooperative that provides electricity for distribution coops throughout Wisconsin. From Scenic Rivers Electric Cooperative to Bayfield Electric Cooperative, Dairyland provides power to 18 local Wisconsin coops. 

Dairyland is also pursuing plans to build out their fossil fuel infrastructure by constructing a large, new gas plant in Superior Wisconsin. Not only would this plant negatively impact climate and health, it would be expensive. The Inflation Reduction Act has provided new opportunities specifically for rural coops to invest in clean energy at a discount, making it a no-brainer that Dairyland should switch their plans. Additionally, Xcel Energy is pursuing plans to expand their gas power at their Wheaton facility, and we'll be sharing a bit more information about what's going on and how we'd like to push back.

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Sierra Club Coulee Region Group


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