ACT: If you are concerned about food waste, the hungry, and the climate, contact your representative!

7/03/23 to 12/14/23 | All Day

Please consider contacting your representative if you are concerned about food waste, hunger, and the environment. A simple legislative, bipartisan action can make an enormous difference: H.R.3159, the Food Date Labeling Act, which requires that foods are labeled with the date at which the food begins to lose freshness and the date after which the food should be discarded. This common sense and easily implemented change can make an enormous difference! To support this Act, click here, or contact through email or phone using language similar to this:

Please make sure we pass the Food Date Labeling Act this session of Congress. Thank you--name/zip

Congressman Derrick Van Orden; La Crosse 3rd District, (608) 782-2558

Senator Tammy Baldwin(608) 796-0045

or if you are outside the La Crosse area, contact your representative using this information.

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