Green Goose Chase -- Get a Team and Go Green!

4/11/24 to 4/28/24 | All Day

Want an excuse to get outside this spring and do something fun with your friends, family, schoolmates, and others? And learn more about good things you can do to help the planet? Here's your chance! The Green Goose Chase, sponsored by the Sustainability Institute, lets you and your team of four or five members follow green missions to learn more about the environment and about La Crosse.

To learn more about the Chase, click Green Goose Chase.

To play, sign up your team:

  1. Download the Goosechase App from the apple or google app store
  2. Enter the game code P8VD3Z
  3. Create a team and GO!

The chase ends on Earth Day, April 28, with prizes announced at the Earth Day Fair in La Crosse, April 28th, Myrick Park, 11AM - 4PM.

Green Goose Chase

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