Consider supporting the strongest EPA vehicle emissions regulations ever proposed

6/13/23 to 7/05/23 | All Day

Consider clicking here and signing an email in support of the strongest-ever EPA regulations proposed on vehicle emissions, or send an email to or call EPA Administrator Michael Regan. The proposal targets light-and-medium-duty vehicles (e.g. passenger cars and pick-up trucks) and heavy-duty vehicles (e.g. delivery trucks and school buses). The rules would cut nearly 10 billion tons of CO2 emissions through 2055 from the transportation sector – our single biggest contributor to climate change. These regulations will also accelerate the transition to zero-emissions vehicles and potentially produce over $1.6 trillion in net benefits.  The comment period is open until July 5, 2023.

With the fossil fuel industry and its allies going all out to spread misinformation and block these rules, the EPA has to know that I and most Americans want the strongest possible standards on vehicle emissions. 

To contact Mr. Michael Regan directly, call (202) 564-4700 or email at The possible text you can use follows:

Please enact the proposed historic climate regulation by implementing the proposed vehicle pollution standards. In 2021, President Biden signed an Executive Order setting a target for half of all vehicles sold to be zero-emission vehicles by 2030. I support EPA’s efforts to exceed this directive and implement ambitious regulations that will help us to meet our climate targets. A just energy transition and the health of our communities depends on it.

Tailpipe Emissions EPA regulations

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