'Climate Change and Preserving That Which We Value' - A Talk by Tom Schlesinger, PhD, June 3, 5:40 pm and June 4, 10:10am

6/03/23 to 6/04/23 | 5:10 pm - 10:10 am


Learn about climate change and what you can do to protect this and future generations. Tom Schlesinger will be giving a talk on 'Climate Change and Preserving That Which We Value' on June 3rd and 4th after the 4:30 and 9:00 Masses at Blessed Sacrament. Climate change is the most important issue that will confront us this century.

Come learn the facts of climate change so you can make an informed decision on your own actions. Find out what you can to help address climate change and preserve that which we value: our families and community, our energy independence, the quality of life of future generations, our stewardship over this planet, and our jobs and businesses.

Blessed Sacrament, La Crosse


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