Consider Taking Action to Support Proposed EPA Guidelines on Power Plant Carbon Emissions

5/11/23 to 7/11/23 | All Day

The EPA has proposed guidelines that reduce climate pollution at power plants. To support these new guidelines, proposed on May 11 and open to public comment for the ensuing 60 days, consider emailing something like the following to the EPA administrator or visiting the ClimateReality website to sign the proposed letter. Opponents are vocal about their objections, and those concerned about climate need to speak out! To send an email, consider using this text and address:

Dear Mr. Regan:
EPA's proposed new rules will cut millions of tons of harmful emissions from US power plants, which contribute upwards of 25% of all climate pollution in this country. If enacted, these rules will not only help stop global warming, but also free our communities from dangerous air pollution and create new jobs and opportunities in a growing clean energy economy.

All power plants – including so-called ‘peaker’ plants – need to reduce their emissions, with no exceptions. Our most vulnerable communities, public health, and the world depend on it.

Thank you.


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