ACT: If you want to reduce the use of fossil fuels, call your representative to support the Fossil Free Finance Act

8/09/23 to 1/03/25 | All Day

If you want to tackle climate change, please make a few calls to your representatives about the Fossil Free Finance Act, which will require big banks to stop financing greenhouse gas emissions and the expansion of polluting energy projects.

Please call your representatives with a simple message:

             "I am a constituent. Please support the S.1138 - Fossil Free Finance Act of 2023! [name/zip]"

Senate: Ron Johnson  (608) 240-9629
Tammy Baldwin (608) 796-0045
House: Derrick Van Orden (608) 782-2558

If you are outside Wisconsin (or the 3rd District of WI), you can get information about your representative/senator on the Fossil-Free Finance online

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